I am a self taught artist and has evolved my artistry throughout the years. I can remember drawing and painting since I was 7 on my small homemade desk back home in the Philippines.

Living in the UK with my family has brought me back my sense of artistry. My visits to museums and country side holidays has inspired me to hold the pen and paint brush again. I first started as a paper mache’ sculpture artist for private commissions. This has developed my painting techniques over the years and has enjoyed using bold colours for each sculptures from different characters and animals.

My early paintings in oil started with the beautiful scenery of the country side. I love the different textures and colours of nature. I am fascinated with the changing colours of the trees in different seasons. It has given be a sense of belonging to be one with the green outdoors.

However, painting portraits has made me whole as an artist.  I always love to use bold colours and use both paint brush and pallets. I have been fascinated in creating the wholeness of a person. That each bold colours is my impression of that person’s life and I am recreating that moment of solitude for them. Likeliness for me comes from painting the person’s eyes. It is an infinite emotion of that person and I like using brush to bring out fine details. For me the eyes should stand out where people can reflect the emotion of the  subject.

Artist should be constantly learning, I have always watched art shows and different competitions. This has inspired me to create my own signature as an artist. In my day of age, I would like to inspire others that it’s not too late to pick up a paintbrush and be inspired to do something meaningful that can motivate you! Be expressive and show what you can do and at the same time grateful of your ingenuity.